Monday, May 28, 2007

Comic book character ok for kid's cartoon, but too mature to be made into a toy

Lobo then appeared in a Season 2 episode of the Justice League cartoon.

However, while pretty much EVERY character who showed up on the cartoon ended up with their own toy, Lobo was not, even though there was a rumor that DC actually had made a mold of him, before determining not to produce him. The rumor was that the character was determined to be a bit too “mature” for a toy.

I checked with Cheryl Rubin, DC Comics’ Senior Vice President in charge of Brand Management, and she confirmed it. According to Rubin:

Because the JLU animated series and products are primarily for kids, even though we know and appreciate how much our older fans enjoy both, we thought it best not to include a character as violent as Lobo in the JLU line.


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