Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"I make love to pressure"

Interesting turn of phrase by Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson. Via True Hoop.

And here's a bit more about Jackson:

The coolest moment of the game for me came in the second half when Davis was fouled pretty hard by Austin Croshere on a drive to the basket. Davis got up and stepped to Croshere and players from both teams crowded around. At that very moment, the entire crowd looked to Jackson, who was on the court but behind the action, and let out a collective: "Nooooooooo." Obviously they are aware of what a hot head Jackson can be and didn't want him getting tossed and maybe getting suspended for the start of the next series for doing something stupid. When Jackson turned and walked to the other side of the court, the place went crazy. Smart hoop fans.

Of course, the crowd had a good reason to worry: