Thursday, May 10, 2007

Statlet and Waldorf get evicted from their retirement home

Here's part of Rob Bloom's work over at McSweeney's:

I arranged for you to have a coveted "balcony room" overlooking the pool-much to the chagrin of poor Mrs. Weingartenbaum, who was unceremoniously relocated to a unit overlooking the dumpsters. Then, in spite of my efforts, you blatantly disobeyed our community's balcony bylaws by calling out to poolside visitors with comments that were rude and distasteful.

When Mr. Nichols was stretching before his morning laps.

STATLER: Do you think it's right for a man of his age to be swimming?

WALDORF: Sure ... with the fishes!

Here's some classic Statler and Waldorf moments