Thursday, August 16, 2007

500 pound judge in Las Vegas

"District Judge Elizabeth Halverson's former bailiff testified that she fell asleep daily in court and frequently told him to shoot her husband, according to transcripts of a closed-door hearing that were made public Wednesday."

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  1. If your really interested in this case read the details. This case is really about dirty politics alive in well in Las Vegas.

    The baliff is an Officer of the court. If this story about shooting her husband was really true, why did he not report it at the time?

    Also, if the judge fell asleep in court "DAILY", why is it there were NO complaints against her by ligigants or attorney's other than the DA who is part of Court Administration. One would think this behavior would have outraged a plaintiff or defendant.

    Get the facts folks. This is much bigger than the Judge's waistline.

  2. There WERE other complaints, by everyone involved.


    • Halverson’s judicial pay is being garnished due to a $42,000 judgment against her;

    • Commencing from her swearing in, she was in violation of a County order to abate the filthy condition of her yard and pool, deemed a nuisance;

    • She married a three time felon, who did 3 years in prison. For things like burglary, gun possession, and cocaine. While he was on parole;

    • She used language in chambers like “bitch” in front of staff and to refer to her husband and court personnel;

    • She commented that certain attorneys cannot win because they did not contribute to her campaign;

    • She fell asleep on the bench;

    • She falsely accused the court executive officer of “assault” on video—I saw the video;

    • Halverson was abusive to staff;

    • She regularly dined with deliberating jurors—out of the presence of the attorneys—during which time she entertained freewheeling legal questions and discussions.

    There is much more, but I don’t have the time. Halverson is toast—will be banned from ever holding judicial office in Nevada, and rightly so.

    Yes, there is politics involved, since Kathy Hardcastle has an axe to grind. But the bottom line is that Halverson is not suited to the bench.