Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick's real last name is Pugh

He once challenged Michael Jordan to a one on one contest:

Patrick: I did challenge Michael Jordan to a one-on-one contest after he won the title in Utah. He would come in every year after they won the championship to do an interview. So he stood up and I said, Mike, you know what, maybe we'll play one-on-one. I think I can score on you.

He had a Cuban cigar in his hand, a basketball and one of his shoes he had already given to the p.r. guy of the Bulls. He turned to me quickly and said, How would you play me? I put my forearm in his back and he smacked it away like it was a gnat. He gave me the look. I even asked Steve Kerr about it. I said, I think I got the look from Jordan. He said, You don't want the look. I said I got it. He said, How did you know you got the look? I said, Well, I wanted to play him one-on-one. He said, Oh, you got the look.

Read more of the interview here.