Monday, September 17, 2007

$20 for 22 art prints by James Jean!

Amazon says:

Process Recess 2: Portfolio showcases the illustrative work of Eisner and Harvey award winner James Jean. Each image will be printed in a grand 15" x 11" format that is suitable for framing. The book will also include editorial and annotated pages that give an insight into the working methods of Mr. Jean.

Drawn says:

So basically, we’re getting 22 stunning art prints for 20 bucks (the current Amazon price).

Of course, the book is also about process, so the reverse of each page has a breakdown of the various stages of the creation of the image: thumbnails, sketches, notes on media, tight pencils, acrylics - and then the mysterious leap to the Photoshopped final, probably involving inversions, colour burns and a heaps of James Jean magic.

Process Recess 2: Portfolio (They're going fast.)