Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The R2-D2 Home Theater System

This is the only home theater system available that is modeled after the famous droid from the Star Wars films. R2's head houses a DLP projection system with superior 1,500:1 contrast, and can project movies, TV shows, images, and video games from his radar eye at 1024 x 768 resolution onto walls up to 16 1/2' away, equivalent to an 80" screen; he can also rotate the viewing angle up to 65 to project images onto your ceiling. One of his mechanical arm housings in the front of his body has a DVD/CD player that can play DVDs, audio CDs, and more. R2's anterior louvred vents rotate to reveal a docking station that fits most iPods (including video iPods), so you can play music or videos through his two 20-watt built-in speakers, and an acces s panel adjacent to the docking station conceals slots for memory cards and a USB port, allowing you to project digital pictures anywhere in your house. His rear logic display has an LED message center that alternates between R2s current function and random light patterns, and a terminal panel in the the rear has all audio and visual connections for connecting headphones, external speakers, video game systems, TVs, and more. R2's sensors keep him from falling off tables or down stairs while he moves forward, backward, left, right, and pivots; a mounted model of the Millennium Falcon conceals a remote that provides complete control of all R2's functions.

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