Monday, October 22, 2007

Home Depot puts "clearance sale" stickers over normal price stickers...

Curious consumer peels them off to discover the "sale" price is exactly the same as the normal price.

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  1. Home depot also has 6 month and 12 month no interests no payment loans through their citigroup credit card. If you have a revolving balance, as well as one of those loans, guess which they pay off first ?

    I was told to send in the minimum payment of $40 + the $471.49 on my no interest, no payment loan, and that it would automatically pay the loan, before dealing with the revolving balance beyond the $40 minimum. WRONG !

    They say they will correct it, but refuse to confirm the correction in writing while there's still a chance to pay the damn thing off a second time. So, I gotta pay it off again, an inconvenience for some. For those who don't discover this scam until it is too late, it's bye bye $110 smarkeroos, the year's interest, on the $471.49, as an example.

    Corporate headquarters is hard, very hard to find. Hint, Vinings GA Paces Ferry Road, in a wealthy Atlanta suburb.

    see for more details as the plot unfolds this month. Plus a googled aerial satellite photo of world hq for Home Depot, and thee mailing addy for their chief in house counsel.