Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Don't believe anything you see on tv: CBS plays fake crowd noise during football telecasts

The Patriots accused the Colts of illegally augmenting the crowd noise during last week's game. CBS took the blame. Here's audiotape from the game - - you can hear the crowd noise start skipping 30 seconds in:

I couldn't find a permalink, but here's what Pro Football Talk wrote:

CBS has taken the blame for the skipping sound in the crowd noise early in the fourth quarter of Sunday's Pats-Colts game. Some folks believe that the audio glitch was a direct result of attempts by CBS to add crowd noises to the broadcast.

As Chris Mortensen of ESPN mentioned during Monday NFL Countdown prior to the Ravens-Steelers game, some networks have been known to enhance their productions by adding their own canned crowd noise.

We've heard from several sound experts over the past day, and our research confirms that one of them is actually a big wheel in the music and television industry. Here's what said unnamed sound expert had to say about the phenomenon, without prompting:

"The sound was a glitch a digital playback machine, which was providing additional crowd noise to be piped into the broadcast to cover for the crowd's quiet spots, or to enhance the 'up' feeling on a big play. Multiple types of demeanor or 'feels' are available to be triggered, to properly match the game's mood. It does not replace the live crowd, but is used for enhancement.