Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can U Believe It? - - The Christian version of Threadless

We've got one life to live, and we want to live it in service to God our Father. With your help, we can all make an impact on the world.

By your involvement in CUBI, U are making a difference. Whether you're submitting a design, voting, blogging or purchasing a shirt, ultimately your hands and heart are contributing to someone hearing about Jesus Christ, somewhere in the world.

Not only are these unbelievable Christian t-shirts geared to opening doors of conversation on the street, but CUBI's quarterly contests will hold great benefit in the outreach of the Gospel of Christ. Every three months, we will focus on one chosen Christian charity. That charity will receive all ongoing profits from the sales of the contest's winning t-shirt for the period of one year.

Here's two t-shirts currently on sale:

Buy. The text says, "Sometimes God speaks through a burning bush and sometimes He speaks through a person wearing a burning bush."

Buy. (The photos on this site are way more unpredictable than the ones at Threadless.)

And here's two currently being voted on:

Voting link.

Voting link.

You can see more of my t-shirt picks here.