Monday, January 14, 2008

Toycutter: The blog about customizing action figures and miniatures

Dig through my archives and you'll find a few miniatures I modified and painted. I haven't had the time lately for that hobby (I can blog in five minute increments). But the terrific custom action figures I blogged about last week reminded me of how much great work there is out there, and how hard it is to find. Cool customs tend to be hidden in personal sites with irritating or nonexistent rss feeds, in obscure forums, or buried in toy sites with more advertising than content. So, I've started Toycutter to highlight the best in action figure and miniature customizing. The site will feature completed projects, how-tos, inspirational images, and contests. Head over now.

The site's still rough around the edges, but there's lots of neat stuff like a Monstrous Snowman Diorama (from Calvin & Hobbes), Watchmen Lego Minifigs, and contest news. Don't forget to sign up for the feed while you're there.