Saturday, March 8, 2008

A swordsman that wears a cybernetic teddy bear mask

I watched the first episode of Afro Samurai, didn't care for it, didn't watch it again. Well, obviously I was too hasty. Meet Jinnosuke, aka Kuma:

A swordsman that wears a cybernetic teddy bear mask, though never actually stated, probably in embarrassment because of a large deformity imposed on him, earning him the nickname "Kuma" which means "Bear" in Japanese. Jinnosuke possesses great skill in wielding twin blades and is an old acquaintance of Afro from his days at the dojo. Back then Jinno thought of Afro as a brother, but when Afro killed their master for the Number Two headband, Jinno vowed vengeance against him. His eyes consistently weep due to the injuries he suffered at the Midnight Battle Under the Bodhi Tree; he tells Afro that his tears have never stopped falling since that day. Jinno was rebuilt with cybernetic body modifications by the Empty Seven to "create a samurai of incredible power." Afro defeats him by destroying his life-support system, but it seems Kuma was again able to cheat death. He returns to challenge Afro years after the death of Justice, this time his body completely modified, appearing more android than human and virtually mummified in multiple headbands. Kuma also regained his teddy bear mask, this time with the Number Two headband covering the right eye.

There's a soon to be released DC Direct action figure, which I am extremely close to pre-ordering:

Anyone have a favorite webstore for action figures and vinyl toys (preferably in the USA)?

And there's also a Kuma PVC Statue.

Here's Kuma demonstrating his skill with two swords:

Here's some Kuma desktop wallpapers from the official site:

And here's either a giant plush Kuma head, or a Kuma mask (found here)

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