Thursday, March 27, 2008

The top WNBA players are playing for some shady rich Russian

and making big money and being treated like princesses. But it's not all fun:

Taurasi joined her on the Dynamo roster two winters ago, reuniting the two friends from their UConn days. Still, because of difficulties with the coaches and a brutally cold winter, that 2005-06 season was so unpleasant it wore down even relentlessly upbeat Taurasi. She compares it to the episode of "Married With Children" when the Bundys travel to Lower Uncton, an English town living under a constant dark cloud. Lower Uncton became her code for anything that went wrong during the season.

"My goal was to make one Russian smile a day -- one Russian," she said. "That lasted a couple days and I gave up."


(I loved the Bundy's trip to England.)