Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reason to doubt those huge FeedBurner subscriber numbers bloggers boast about

Brad Feld:

My FeedBurner reader data shows that I have 117k readers (or subscribers) to my Feld Thoughts blog. While I'm flattered, this is bullshit. When I dig into the actual user agent data, I find that 98,966 come from a Feed Reader called BlogRovR. I happen to know that BlogRovR is what used to be called Activeweave Stickies, which is a company I looked at 18 months ago. They "autosubscribe my feed" whenever someone installs BlogRovR (which means my subscriber count is inflated by around 99k - I imagine some of the BlogRovR people look at my feed, but certainly not 99k of them. Do the math.) Oh - everyone else that is autosubscribed to BlogRovR (A VC, TechCrunch, ...) has the same subscriber count inflation.


Wow, I've always wondered how so many mediocre blogs I've come across have achieved such incredible FeedBurner numbers.