Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Anyone in the mood for an $888 t-shirt?

When I asked about Father's Day, my father expressed interest in a dragon t-shirt from a store in Los Angeles called Yellow Man. I hope he didn't mean the Men's Horiyoshi's Dragon Tattoo Shirt. The underwear's a steal at only $44 a piece:

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  1. I came across the Yellow Man line today and actually thought it was a typo when I was seeing prices such as $255 and $888. I then read in their FAQ why they are so expensive. I respect Horiyoshi III and the many tattoo artists they were able to contract to provide artwork, but to think that someone would pay half of someone's rent for a t-shirt is unbelievable.

    What knocked me out of my chair was to see that some arts in certain sizes were actually listed as "Out of Stock." People are actually purchasing it? Granted, it certainly beats having Ed Hardy by Christian Audiger written across your chest and back in big bold letters, but I will stick to admiring the model photos on the website. If I am really in the mood for a tattoo shirt, I'll support a lesser known artist willing to sell their apparel for $15-30.