Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bruce Schneier defends LifeLock

You've probably heard of LifeLock - - it's CEO Todd Davis gives out his social security number and claims no one can steal his identity. Believe it or not, so far no one has, although, as Schneier explains, the credit bureaus are trying their best to smear LifeLock.


  1. Partially defends, and partially condemns:

    "LifeLock's business model is based more on the fear of identity theft than the actual risk."

    While the things Bruce says in their defense are true, these are more accidental than purposeful benefits to the company. I think that Lifelock never intended to help people and was only started as an opportunity to make money for it's founders.

    Otherwise, part of Lifelock's service would include credit freezes.

  2. I think he has has his identity stolen no less than twice now.

  3. I'm all ears, let me know if you find something proving it's happened.