Friday, June 13, 2008

Excerpts From Sex And The City And The Crystal Skull

Jill Morris for McSweeney's:

Page 20


(BIG is making CARRIE dinner.)

BIG: Welcome to our new home, baby.

CARRIE: It's beautiful. But I think I'm going to keep my old apartment.

BIG: What do you mean, baby?

CARRIE: I mean ... I would have no legal rights if anything happened. We haven't even found the crystal skull, yet.

BIG: (Laughs.) Is that what you want, baby? To find the crystal skull, baby?

CARRIE: Are you asking me to find the crystal skull with you?

BIG: Sure, baby. I mean, if that will make you happy, baby. I only want to be with you, baby. I just want it to be us, baby. The skull doesn't matter to me, baby.

(CARRIE smiles, looks down.)

BIG: Baby, let's find the skull together.

(BIG and CARRIE kiss. Two CGI doves land on the terrace and wink.)

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