Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adidas used to make shoes for the armed forces

In the late 70s and throughout the 80s, adidas provided the armed forces with both boots such as the GSG9 and also training shoes. This is a reintroduction of one of these training shoes - the BW Army - designed for the German military. Using classy leathers and utilising laser perforations instead of overlays, this iconic silhouette is given a clean but recognisable look.

You can buy the Adidas BW Army Clean sneakers here or here. (Which isn't to say I think they look nice.)

The Russians used to wear Chinese-made Adidas sneakers in Afghanistan:
"Russia's boots defeated the Nazis 40 years before. Soviet troops were now wearing "sneakers." They held up better on the rocks and you could run in them without carrying the weight of iron on your legs. I got a pair of these myself. They were made by the Chinese and after some problems the merchants got a connection that would supply them. I remember once that some journalists from Poland were in Bagram, but one of the commanders told them to only aim their cameras from our waists to our faces, because they did not want others to know that the soldiers of the USSR were in shoes that joggers would wear."

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Inspired by this post by William Gibson.