Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Artifacts, Specimen, and Ephemera salvaged from the Wonderlands"

Included in the kit:
-Card Guard specimen, mounted
-fetal Mome Rath
-caterpillar, preserved
-rose painted red
-raven's feather (like a writing desk?)
-pocket watch
-looking glass
-Cheshire Cat teeth
-Cheshire Cat fur samples
-framed photo of Lewis Carroll
-various photos of Wonderland inhabitants
-Eat Me and Drink Me bottles
-vial of water from Pool of Tears
-bottled mushroom bits, one from each side
-map of nonsense occurrences in England, leading to rabbit hole
-map of Wonderland
-typed copy of "You Are Old, Father William"
-typed letter from Professor Lake, detailing his journey to England
-half-burned print of the courtroom scene (removed from the scorched remains of the Liddell house)

Created by "absinthetic," who was inspired by the work of Alex CF. Here's the Flickr gallery for the Wonderland kit. Via.

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