Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rio Blast: The worst (best!) Master of the Universe toy ever.

OK, I've seen some bad He-Man action figures, and really, even the "best" are in retrospect pretty heinous, but today I saw one so ludicrously awful, I thought the blogger was joking. This list at Toybender of 5 Most Wanted He-Man Figures lists four toys I've seen many times before, and one that I had not. His name is "Rio Blast."

A He-Man face plus a mustache, chaps, black gloves and named "Rio Blast?" I truly thought this was a customizer's joke. Oh, it's no joke. He's the fastest draw in the universe and his thighs and chest hide pop-out laser guns:

He has his own lengthy page at Wikipedia. And The Four Horsemen sculpted an even sillier version a few years ago:

He's like "Grim 90's Rio Blast." There's an extended discussion and lots of photos of the newer Rio Blast here. And you can buy both the original and updated Rio Blast figures at eBay.

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