Monday, September 1, 2008

Has time travel already happened?

1. Is time travel the explanation for the cancellation of the Super Conductor Super Collider:

Why the LHC? The authors argue that these sorts of time-violating interactions could be associated with whatever new particles we create at the LHC. For example, the production of a large number of Higgs particles in the future could have a backwards-in-time causal effect on the machine that produced them, stopping the machine from ever running. As possible "evidence" for such a backwards-in-time effect, the authors cite the now-canceled Superconducting Super Collider (SSC)--a particle accelerator that was meant to hunt the Higgs and was partially constructed in Texas before Congress pulled the plug on the project. As the authors write in their paper: "Such a cancellation after a huge investment is already in itself an unusual event that should not happen too often. We might take this event as experimental evidence for our model in which an accelerator with the luminosity and beam energy of the SSC will not be built."

It's as though the Higgs plays the role of the time traveler who goes back to the past and murders his grandfather, thus preventing his own birth.
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2. Scientists have found water deep in the Atlantic Ocean that's 407 degrees Celsius, 765 degrees Fahrenheit. It's called "supercritical water."

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  1. The GI Joe episode was about heavy water. There are lakes of heavy brine on the bottom of the ocean that have a very bizarre ecology around them. I saw a bit about it on the Discovery Channel and had the same, "OMG! GI Joe!" reaction as you.


  2. The LHC project has not been canceled. It is scheduled for it's first full-circle test this month. You can read more about it at the Wikipedia article linked below. If you don't trust Wikipedia, the second link below will provide news results from Google:

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  3. Hasn't been canceled yet! :-)

  4. Time travel is possible! Soon, I will travel back in time!