Monday, September 1, 2008

Radioactive sheep lamp

Officially it's called Seamour Sheep: Radioactive Edition:

Crazy Label and Sevensheaven are proud to announce the Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition - a limited edition USB-powered lamp, this time featuring atmospheric green LED lighting, a cool radioactivity warning sign on his side, the coolest pair of goggles so far, and last but not least: a motion sensor controlled power switch!

The Seamour Sheep: Radioactive Edition features a cool motion sensor that detects when you turn Seamour on his side, switching off Seamour's light. To turn on the light again, simply put Seamour back on his feet. No more plugging and unplugging of power cables, and no ugly visible power switch!

Seamour Sheep: Radioactive Edition from Fugitive Toys on Vimeo.

On sale at Fugitive Toys.

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