Sunday, October 19, 2008

Graham Rawle’s new illustrated version of The Wizard of Oz

Graham Rawle has created a fabulous new illustrated version of "The Wizard of Oz."

In this animated "trailer" for the book, the dioramas come to life. There's also a few shots of Rawle's studio and unfinished models:

Here's an interview where Rawle discusses creating the book. It's full of interesting information. For example, here's how he created the Dorothy doll:

When I started making the various Oz characters, I tried out dozens of dolls as Dorothy but none had quite the same look as Gloria. Gloria was too old to play the part – she had a lady’s body, not a girl’s – so I fixed her head onto a smaller body and she looked just right. Now she seems so perfect that I think of her as Dorothy, not as Gloria. Maybe she was always destined to play this role.
Read the interview here.

You can buy prints of the various images here, and the book is on sale at Amazon.