Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween costume ideas

Here's a roundup of downloadable masks, instructions for making costumes, and simple costume ideas I've featured in the past (updated):

Sarah Palin mask. Download it here. Via.

Billy Mays mask. Download it here.

Star Wars Clone Wars masks. Download them here.

Bear and Bird masks. Download them here.

Old Man mask. Download it here.

Monster Mask. Download it here.

Huge selection of celebrity masks ranging from Obama and McCain, to O.J. Simpson and Paris Hilton. Download them here.

Turn a photo into a mask. Instructions here.

Working "Digg me" costume. Instructions on how to make it here.

Medusa, Spiderweb and Spider, Swamp Creature, Jellyfish, Bat and more. Learn how to make these costumes, without any sewing here.

Knight, Dragon, Hula Dancer, Cowboy, Cheerleader, Princess, Flapper, Alien. Learn how to make these costumes out of common household items here.

Pirate, Bee, Monkey, Lego Brick, Sushi costumes. Learn how to make them here.

Cookie Monster Slayer. Source.

The Sims. Source.

Space Invaders. Source.

Manny from Grim Fandango. Source.

D*ck in a box. Source.

*Buy Halloween costumes and accessories at eBay.