Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crapwrap - - intentionally bad giftwrapping

A webstore called Firebox decided a good attention getter would be to offer intentionally bad giftwrapping:

This exclusive, uniquely shoddy gift wrapping option involves us wrapping your pressies in a slapdash fashion.

Too much offensive brown tape, untidily hacked at wrapping paper, rips in the packaging exposing the surprise underneath. Indeed, it takes a high degree of skill to deliberately wrap a present this poorly, so to confirm authenticity some tipsy bloke wearing boxing gloves and a sack on his head will slap a genuine CrapWrapped™ label on the completed mess.

A refreshing alternative to the perfectly wrapped gifts you see in sugary Christmas movies, CrapWrap™ represents a novel twist on this whole wrapping malarkey. Aww, you shouldn’t have!

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