Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desktop icons by David Lanham

Download an assortment of desktop icons by David Lanham.

And a few more links:

1. Watch Wrath of Khan, support Lance and Carla Hoffman, win a trip to Hawaii.

2. Weekly World News reveals that Plaxico Burress shot himself while "aiming at a leprechaun who had been getting fresh with his wife!" Photo evidence here.

3. Forum thread at Apple Support where a woman tests the credibility of her husband's explanation for her finding a photo of a naked woman in his sent email.

4. Once again, don't waste your money on Criss Angel's new Cirque show.

5. First person account of a man who holed up in a restaurant with several other strangers to hide from the terrorists in Mumbai:

Terror struck everyone at 4am, when they believed they were about to be found and killed. 'Some of the terrorists made an effort to try to get into the restaurant,' said Nick.

*Previously: Jacuzzi ads aimed at swingers.

*Buy "The WEEKLY WORLD NEWS Guide to Politics" at Amazon.

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