Friday, December 5, 2008

Get your grandparents a prescription handgun for the holidays?

This is the Palm Pistol, ergonomically designed for the elderly and disabled. Apparently, it's been classified as a medical device and might be covered by Medicare once released. Via these sites.

Here are a few more random links:

1. Warren Ellis invited artists to remake a comic book character from 1930 called "Captain Justice." Here are the results.

2. Brandon Jennings decided he'd teach the NBA a lesson and play a year in Europe rather than suffer through a year in college. His backers insisted he'd be revolutionary trailblazer. So how's the experiment going? Instead of starring at a major university, he's the fourth guard on a 4-4 Italian team.

3. New G.I. Joe movie action figures look like they'll be closer in quality to the 80's action figures, than the updated figures. Via.

4. The Chuck E. Cheeses in Los Angeles are loaded with germs. Via.

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