Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hokusai's Great Wave enters The Matrix

This homage to Hokusai's "Great Wave" is apparently called "Wave of the Future." I couldn't find any information on who created it, but there's a very high res version here. Via.

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  1. I found the following explanation regarding the source of this print at

    In the early nineties The Computer Museum and a magazine called The High Tech Times sold a derivative print of Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa called The Wave of the Future. The image begins at the left with the original Great Wave, and is color pixellated through the center, and another wave in wireframe is added to the right.

  2. Actually I created with poster about 20 some years ago- so long ago that it was before computers were used in the design profession. All of the lines were hand inked, all of the "digitization" was hand colored- no I am not kidding... I worked with an illustrator named Brad Pomeroy and it took 5 different plates for the printer to print it. We never saw what it looked like until it was on the printing press.