Tuesday, December 9, 2008

St. Gallen's Cathedral as a hot air balloon

Kubicek Balloons can turn just about anything into a hot air balloon. Go here to see how they created a St Gallen's Cathedral hot air balloon. I wonder if they could make the house from Up without the basket hanging down. Via.

Here's a few more random links:

1. Creed owns the top Google result when you search for worst band in the world. Whatever. I like Creed. Via.

2. Media Molecule rounds up videos of its favorite Little Big Planet levels.

3. Supposedly, a woman was (consensually) kissed so hard that she temporarily lost her hearing due to the suction. The guy's got the "deaf kiss."

4. Mock movie poster does a nice job of summing up the auto bailout.

*Previously: Church tank.

*Preorder "The Art of Up" at Amazon.

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