Friday, December 12, 2008

Video of most horrific leg injury ever (link roundup)

Not for the squeamish, UFC fighter Corey Hill kicked another fighter in the leg and turned his own leg into rubber:

Stills and animated gif here. Update: Alternate video link.

Here's a few more links.

1. KB Toys, the store that specialized in lousy selection and high prices is finally going out of business.

2. Apparently, the "plays anywhere" digital downloads that come with dvds like The Dark Knight don't work with iPods.

3. Article describes how Matteo Bologna designed the new Pastis restaurant in New York to look like it had been passed down from generation to generation. Via.

4. Here's a good starting point for a character - - a heterosexual woman who works as a staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

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  1. Aww video is down, try this one:
    and by the way OMG!