Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Godzilla poster ever (link roundp)

The Terror of Mechagodzilla (and The Yellow Submarine). Just another bit of evidence that the Poles make the absolutely best movie posters. Found amidst several other Godzilla posters here.

And a few more links:

1. A company called Nielsen announced it was disabling the "reply to all" function to reduce email clutter. Via. (I wish there was a "are you sure button?" that popped up whenever you pressed reply to all.)

2. Tracey O'Shaughnessy won a $1,000 journalism award from the Missouri School of Journalism in August. As of Tuesday, she still had not received the money. Romanesko picked up the story and by the afternoon there was a promise the school would pay.

3. White actor Jackson Rathbone was cast to play one of the Asian characters in The Last Airbender movie. He dismissed complaints about the all-white cast: "I think it's one of those things where I pull my hair up, shave the sides, and I definitely need a tan . . . ." Via.

4. Elegant HAL 9000 (2001) screensaver. Via.

*Previously: HAL paper toy.

*Buy Polish movie posters at eBay.

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  1. I agree that this is the best Godzilla poster ever. The author must have been very fond of large quantities of cough medicine.