Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corkbots (link roundup)

Corkbots by Nancy Dorsner.

1. Hypnotizing animated blue ring octopus.

2. Download some 8-Bit fonts.

3. An argument that Circuit City was better than Best Buy because it was more honest about how much it sucked. I say good riddance to the king of bait and switch - - advertising dvds and games at great prices that they didn't actually have in the store.

4. Funny comment at Gawker:

Can we please get rid of the word Microcelebrity?

I'm not blaming Owen because many others use it here too. Being popular with a group that uses Twitter is just that. Popular. My girlfriend in high school was not a microcelebrity in South-East Michigan youth culture. She was just a whore. But I digress.

*Previously: Download the Obama font.

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