Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found item bug sculpture (link roundup)

Found item bug sculpture by Lockwasher. Much more ominous than the bug sculptures I posted earlier.

And a few more links:

1. Michael Lewis jokes about his role as editor of a collection for McSweeney's:

Well it had really impure beginnings. Dave is a friend, and he has this philanthropy that is forever in need of dollars. And he came over here in early 2007 and we were having lunch. And he asked me if I would edit one of these anthologies for McSweeney's. And they've had some very distinguished people do them -- you know, David Sedaris and Michael Chabon and so on. But they never sell. But there's an advance -- you know, ten grand or twenty grand or whatever -- and so we schemed. What could we throw out there that we could fool people into buying that would actually generate real dollars?
Amazon link.

2. Roger Ebert makes an interesting observation about Paul Blart: Mall Cop:
Kevin James illustrates how lighting and camera angles can affect our perception of an actor. In the early scenes, he's a fat schlub, but after he goes into action, the camera lowers subtly, the lighting changes, and suddenly he's a good-looking action hero, ready for business.
3. You can see lots of photos of the special edition Coraline Nike Dunks here. Actually, special, special edition because the models on display include props from the movie.

4. Russia claims this is the last year it will be allowing tourists to go to the space station. I imagine there's a pretty interesting story about their reasons, although it's not really explored in the article. Via.

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*Buy "Kosmos: A Portrait of the Russian Space Age" at Amazon.

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