Friday, January 30, 2009

How to make rice krispies "sushi" (recipe link roundup)

1. Recipe for Rice Krispies and candy "sushi."

2. How to salt water for boiling is the most commented on recipe at Epicurious, and the comments are hilarious. For example:

I am frustrated with these "advanced" recipes. Does everyone think we're ALL professional chefs?? I can't tell at what point to add the salt, and what kind of salt? Kosher? Fleur de Sal? Iodized? And then what kind of water? Tap? Distilled? Artesian? How long do I boil it? I am so confused. Please, Epicurious, screen your recipes better.

3. Recipe for spaghetti in creamy pea sauce with crisped prosciutto.

4. Recipe for spaghetti alla boscaiola (spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms).

5. Recipe for guacamole and bacon dip.

6. Hot bacon-blue cheese dip recipe.

7. Bacon and shrimp fingers recipe.

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