Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jack Torrance's first novel finally published

The official description:

Jack Torrance's first novel, finally published after his untimely death at the Overlook Hotel.

"All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy is nothing short of a complete rethinking of what a novel can and should be. It's true that, taken on its own, All Work is plotless. But like the best of Beckett, the lack of forward momentum is precisely the point. If it's nearly impossible to read, let us take a moment to consider how difficult it must have been to write. One is forced to consider the author, heroically pitting himself against the Sisyphusean sentence. It's that metatextual struggle of Man vs. Typewriter that gives this book its spellbinding power. Some will dismiss it as simplistic; that's like dismissing a Pollack canvas as mere splatters of paint."

Preview it or buy a copy here. Via.

Relatedly, check out this tremendously disturbing Polish movie poster for The Shining:

On sale at eBay. Shelley Duvall creeped me out way more than Jack Nicholson.

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  1. This sounds like a shallow rip-off of Klaus Scheruebel’s far more complex project "Reconsidering Jack Torrance’s All Work and No Play", from 2006/2008 including a 600 pages book!!! I have seen this at the art fair in Paris last year. Amazing! Scheruebel seems to have produced a previous version of the text in 1993. Check it out.