Saturday, January 31, 2009

New specimen box by Alex CF

Alex CF finished a new Cthulhu-themed specimen box:

The first of which is this piece, recovered from the Estate of the late geologist William Dyer, a professor from Miskatonic University, massachusetts. It is a specimen case, containing a large quantity of marine flora, and extra terrestrial fauna.
In late 1930, Dyer, accompanied by a large exploration party began an expedition to Antarctica. During this trip various unique fossil specimens were found and drove the scientists to veer from their planned path. It lead them to a mountain range greater than that of the Himalayas. Beyond this, a cyclopean city of alien magnitude - the many million year old remnants of a race known in the pages of the fabled pnakotic manuscipts as the Elder ones.

Contained within this specimen case is the dissected form of an infant Elder; the preserved plastic form of a cellular abomination and slave race known as the The Shoggoth.

And hidden amongst ancient relics, bizarre star shaped talismans, a plethora of samples - is a page of that hellish book, the skin bound, hateful incarnation of prehistoric lore; the book of dead names - The Necronomicon...
Go here for lots of high res photos and to commission your own specimen box.

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