Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Valentine's Day gift problems are solved

(Darling, skip right over this post, please.)

Norma "Crankbunny" Toraya has some wonderful creations in her Etsy store, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Don't worry if the link takes you to a page that says sold out. Just see if there's more in the shop, and if not, see if she can make more:

Valentine Dancing Paper Puppet Robot Doll.

Key to Ones Heart Valentine Popup Card.

Secret Decoder Valentine Card with custom message.

I ordered all three yesterday, and, even though it was a Sunday, promptly received a shipping confirmation. Finally, you can order her book, Paper Puppet Palooza: Techniques for Making Moveable Art Figures and Paper Dolls, at Amazon.

*See more of my Etsy picks here.

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