Monday, February 16, 2009

Chimera sketch

Rosemary Travale drew this Chimera for me, and here's why:

The 2009 graduating class of the BAA Illustration program at Sheridan College has recently lost the funding for their graduate print book. The students of the program have put one out every year at their graduate art show as a means to promote themselves as new illustrators coming out into the field and to commemorate their hard work and the time they spent at Sheridan. Right now they don't have enough money to print the book and it seems they will have to go with a website instead. Which I'm sure you all know just doesn't compare to having something physical to hold in your hands! So the students have launched a For The Love Of Print campaign to raise funds to make a printed book a reality. They need sufficient funding by March 20th 2009.

So here's how you can help! Anyone who makes a paypal donation of at least $2 CAN to
I will do a 5x 6 marker sketch for, just like the examples above and I will email you a high res file of the sketch. If you donate $10 CAN or more, then I'll mail the actual sketch to you! Once you have made your donation through paypal and have received your paypal receipt, forward it to me at, and make sure to include what you would like me to sketch for you, and your mailing address if your donation is at least $10.
You can see a few more drawings by Rosemary here, and I've also highlighted some of her work in the past. I commissioned the chimera this morning, and she emailed me the sketch a few hours later. Finally, Paypal will do the currency conversion for you.

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