Monday, February 23, 2009

Concert poster by Hugh D'Andrade (link roundup)

Concert poster by Hugh D'Andrade on sale at Etsy. Relatedly, check out the t-shirt Hugh designed for the EFF, featuring a parody of the NSA.

And a few more links:

1. I've previously expressed admiration for the cinematic way Nik Daum announced a trip to China. Here's an equally classy way to announce his arrival in Shanghai.

2. Possibly undoctored photo of a 100ft-long snake swimming in a river in Borneo. Via.

3. Relatedly, I watched a hilarious episode of Dirty Jobs the other day. One of Mike Rowe's jobs was catching water snakes on the shore of Lake Erie. He got bitten terribly several times. Hilarious and horrifying. You can catch a glimpse of him being bitten at the end of this clip from the episode at Amazon.

4. Loopy Rocket won the Faded Line Clothing Co. giveaway and has been contacted.

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*Buy concert posters at eBay.