Friday, February 27, 2009

Professional bowler who uses both hands (link roundup)

Professional bowler Jason Belmonte uses both hands to bowl. "The ball can top 600 revolutions per minute, up to 17% more rotation than the nearest elite one-armed competitor and twice what some other top pros generate." Established bowlers apparently don't like him, opining that he hasn't properly earned his spots in tournaments and will likely burn out out due to injury.

And a few more links:

1. Seth Godin offers enough genius ideas for an improved version of the Kindle that I'd consider buying one.

2. Professors of the Humanities are freaking out that people are finally realizing a bachelor of arts degree is worthless. Please let the college system be transformed in the next decade before I have to waste an absurd amount of money so my boys can sleep in for four years.

3. St. Patrick's Day Bear desktop wallpaper and embroidery pattern.

4. Justin Parpan's excellent contribution to Kevin Dart's Yuki 7 book.

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*Forget what I've said, support the economy and buy a Kindle.