Sunday, February 22, 2009

Redesigned Coraline book cover

Redesigned Coraline book cover by Mike Baker. His site is full of delightful illustrations of fairy tale creatures.

Relatedly, Phil Knight recently talked about Laika and Coraline with Advertising Age. He had some interesting comments about the ad campaign:

The original agreement was that Focus would do the advertising, but in some of the early meetings, it was clear that we had a difference of opinion on the advertising -- "target audience" being one. They were used to doing "data" advertising: They wanted to push this more as a kiddie film, because that's what the data told them. And Nike and Wieden & Kennedy together had grown up with what I call "emotional essence advertising" -- the essence of the product is its emotional core, and you push that. It was two very different approaches, and it kind of became clear in some of those early meetings that we had a very strong difference of opinion. And to Focus' credit, they said, "OK, why don't you guys try it? There's no use in fighting this thing. Let's negotiate a different way to market this thing."

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