Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sketch of "Rupture" by Doktor A. (link roundup)

Chris Rose received this sketch by Doktor A. of "Rupture" and "Runcible." A few of Doktor A's Rupture Dunnys are listed for around $150 at eBay.

1. Fascinating description of recent developments in EVE Online.

2. Owen Thomas on old media:

That's pretty much what Time did in its early years, when it was a fancy printed blog. Editors there subscribed to the New York Times and other papers, and wrote up a weekly digest, which Time's founder, Henry Luce, then sold for rather less money than one would pay at the newsstand for all their sources.
3. Prized college football recruit spurns Florida at the last minute to commit to the Tennessee WWE-style, and then the new Tennessee coach explicitly accuses Florida coach Urban Meyer of cheating.

4. The Kissing Mickey and Minnie Mouse toys I previously mentioned are on sale at Play-Asia for about $16 each.

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