Friday, February 6, 2009

Star Wars sketch cards (link roundup)

Spencer Brinkerhoff III posted five sheets worth of Star Wars sketch cards.

And a few more links:

1. Delicious irony. Madoff victims include Eliot Spitzer (hey, I thought he was Wall Street's cop?) and Melvyn Weiss and David Bershad, former partners in the Milberg Weiss law firm. Weiss and Bershard are currently in prison and their firm has been vigorous in attempting to represent Madoff victims. (Who in many cases look less like innocent victims, the more information comes out.) Via.

2. Dreamworks is now desperately looking for cash.

3. Art Spiegelman co-created Garbage Pail Kids. Enterprising kids at my school used to sell them out of their lockers.

4. Seth Godin says, "Not one major new consumer brand built in the last five years was built on the back of advertising." I can't think of an example proving him wrong. Seems like progress to me.

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