Monday, February 9, 2009

Vintage Disney ads are so funable (link roundup)

Kevin Kidney has posted several funable and friendlyable vintage Disney newspaper ads.

And a few more links:

1. Real life hobbit house in Wales. Via.

2. Princess Peach cosplay.

3. At my Coraline site Evil Buttons, Coraline's plush button squid.

4. Article about a small Ohio town that relied on DHL as an employer and is now suffering from massive layoffs. One worker named Keith Rider describes the lost job:

We could tell you what we did on a daily basis, but you wouldn't believe it. You know, boxes in a big container, and it'll weigh 800 pounds, you push it out the door through eight inches of snow, and push it up on a barge, and we were idiots enough that we did it by ourselves. We worked as a team, and we had a good friend right along side of us."
Read the rest of the long article here.

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