Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bioshock 2 viral ad, art deco fountain, and more

Kotaku pointed out that there's a new teaser site for Bioshock 2 - - Something In The Sea. There's really nothing there aside from an image of the plush Big Daddy featured in the teaser ad I posted back in October. (Sign me up if they ever sell a plush Big Daddy.)

The Kotaku tipster also sent in a photo of an ad for the website found wrapped around a telephone pole:

While I was looking around more information, I discovered an art deco fountain that would fit right in the Bioshock world. It's at the Niagra Fallsview Casino, and here's video:

Here's a beautiful closeup of the fountain:

You can find a desktop wallpaper-sized version at Flickr. That particular Flickr gallery is full of great images, including this shark.

And finally, here's an intriguing book named Something in the Sea:

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