Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here are the logos from some of Sacha Baron Cohen's shell companies (link roundup)

These are the logos to four of the fake companies Sacha Baron Cohen and his crew created. You can read all about how they were used here.

And a few more links:

1. Fascinating article by Pablo Torre about pro athletes squandering their money. This passage about basbeball player Torii Hunter is difficult to believe:

About five years ago, Hunter says, he invested almost $70,000 in an invention: an inflatable raft that would sit under furniture. The pitch was that when high-rainfall areas were flooded, consumers could pump up the device, allowing a sofa to float and remain dry.
Read about more wacky investments here.

2. And here's an article about the next young basketball player who has already been identified as a star. He's in the Sixth Grade.

3. Perhaps not fully grasping that the reason to have a clean Earth is for people to live there, one of Gordon Brown’s "leading green advisers" says "Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society."

4. To go along with the Orthodox Priest Warrior costume I posted yesterday, here's a fighting censer.

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