Monday, March 30, 2009

Horvath's Turtle (link roundup)

Go here for a desktop wallpaper-sized version of this image of David Horvath's new Turtle toy. And there's a few of the turtles on sale at eBay.

And a few more links:

1. Description of a SXSW panel discussion on book publishing gone very wrong.

2. Website devoted to literary tattoos, especially quotations. Via.

3. Bookninja is hosting a book "remasculation" contest, where the idea is to make books more manly. For example:

Charlotte's Web becomes "Charlotte's Web of Death", by E. B. White.

"When Wilbur befriends his neighbour Charlotte he has no idea that he will be sucked in a web of intrigue, deceit and mayhem, leading him as far as Frankfurt and Milan before returning to his humble farm for the chilling conclusion that will leave you breathless."
See a few entries here.

4. You can download for free the movie 24 Hours of Le Mans at iTunes.

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*Buy Uglydolls at eBay.