Monday, March 30, 2009

If Hellboy had starred in Raiders of the Lost Ark (link roundup)

Lee Sargent mashes up Hellboy and Raiders of the Lost Ark. See also, What if Boba Fett was in Jaws.

And speaking of Hellboy, check out this new work by M.S. Corley featuring Helbboy, BPRD, and their famous enemies.

And a few more links:

1. The glow in the dark Creature from the Black Lagoon/Army Man figure I previously mentioned is now on sale for $30.

2. Unlike the Army Man, I don't think this humanoid spider toy was intended to be so delightfully atrocious.

3. Long interview with Alan Moore unfortunately at a website with white letters on a black background. He's already working on the next volume of League (set in 2009) and it sounds like he intends to write many more after.

4. Funny pie chart.

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