Monday, March 1, 2010

Let me share my pre-Super Punch collections with you

This month marks three years of Super Punch. Last year at this time, I shared my tips for starting a blog. For this anniversary, I decided to share a bit from my pre-Super Punch collections. You see, I've basically been writing this blog my entire life.

The first version of Super Punch was pages torn out of National Geographic and Sports Illustrated and taped to my bedroom wall. Soon, I graduated to collecting baseball cards. Like everyone else my age, I was excited to acquire Chris Sabo and Gregg Jeffries rookie cards. But what I really liked was cards with funny or striking imagery - - the oddities. Below are a few I still have.

Eventually, I started creating my own art books, filling journals with magazine and newspaper clippings. I read everything from Road & Track to EGM to Oprah to Maxim - - anything people were willing to part with. My favorite days of the year were when ID's and Print's year-end design reviews came out.

Below are a few pages from my journals, chosen simply because those were the pages the books would stay open to while I snapped photos:

Pretty much just my blog in book form, right?

I started writing Super Punch shortly after my second son was born, partly for fun, partly in the hopes of making money, and mostly because it was one of the few things I could do in my spare time. Back then, my free time was when my boys were napping, or falling asleep. I couldn't watch television, because the noise would have woken them in the next room (and I don't really like television, anyway). And I couldn't play video games or read, because those activities require periods of unbroken concentration, and it's tough to concentrate when every ten minutes someone is crying or wants to use the bathroom or both.

So, I websurfed and blogged - - something I could do in extremely short bits of time. Check out how short my posts used to be. As my boys have gotten older, I increasingly enjoy larger chunks of free time (although most of my posts are still drafted at breakneck speed). And I've tried to use that time to experiment more with my site, by hosting art contests, writing the Super Punch interview, and organizing a very special project that I'll announce in my next post.

So, thanks for sharing my hobby. And an extra thanks to anyone who has ever clicked on an ad or bought something through an affiliate link.

I think you're going to enjoy the project I'm about to announce.


  1. John:

    Can't BELIEVE it's been 3 years! I must have started reading just after you started the blog, although I can't remember what post brought me here (it was probably gadget related). Superpunch is my favorite blog, becasue there are so many NEAT little articles. Also, you have managed to avoid being preachy which is something many other blogs could learn from (Cough** Gawker ** cough). Congrats on a fun filled 3rd, and here's to 33 more!

  2. Congrats on 3 years, John! I love that Super Punch is an extension of what you've always done. Here's hoping you continue to enjoy writing it as much as I enjoy reading it!

  3. I hear you about the I.D. and Print annuals. Somewhat similarly, i tore stuff out and threw them in folders, not really knowing why except I felt they caught my eye and seemed to be worth preserving. But never took it to the next level. Keep at it.

  4. Seems only yesterday I was reading your 2nd anniversary post. Congrats, dude. I find it admirable when somebody can blog and keep their family life at the same time. You're often the first site I go to when I settle in at my workplace.

  5. Wow thankyou for sharing your passion and hobby with us on the internet through superpunch! A very happy three years to you! - most certainly been for me and many others i'm sure! :)

  6. wow, youre properly mental...but in a good way ;)

  7. Impressive! You definitely have found your niche! You are and have been one-man Pinterest machine. Glad I hooked up to your stream! Rett