Saturday, March 7, 2009

More information about Doktor A's Mechtorians

I've mentioned Doktor A's Mechtorians before, and as you can see on the sidebar, they're currently on sale at Tenacious Toys. Vinyl Pulse was given the scoop on the limited edition figures available in the set - - a "Verdigris" repaint of each figure. If you find a "Lucky Draw" card packed with your figure, you can redeem it for a randomly selected Verdigris figure. The figures will also be sold as a set for $250.

I asked MINDstyle for a bit more information and was told (1) the Lucky Draw cards are "very rare" (I'd asked how rare they were); and (2) no decision has been made as to when the second set of Mechtorians will be released. I posted photos of the series one and two Mechtorians way back in August.

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